Limited Edition Wax Melt Bars

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Limited edition wax melt snap bars.  Scroll down below selector bar to read full scent descriptions!

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These are our limited edition wax melt snap bars!  These are restocked every Friday, so do check back if your favourite is missing. We only make a limited number of each fragrance, so be warned – when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Each bar is approximately 50g in weight, and has 10 snap off segments.  We recommend using 2 segments at a time in a regular sized burner.

This week we have added a couple of brand new fragrances, and also topped up some of our best selling lines!

We have also added a ‘surprise me’ option – add this to your basket and we’ll choose a mystery melt to send to you!  You can help us choose by adding a note of fragrances you’ve already tried, fragrances you’re not keen on or fragrances you love and let us do the rest!


These are our limited edition fragrances, to see our regular melts, follow this link:

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The fragrances for this batch are:

Vanilla Bean – We have used a pure vanilla extract fragrance to give this an authentic, sweet fragrance that’ll leave your home smelling wonderful!

Beauty Sleep – This soothing blend of lavender and geranium is guaranteed to help you catch up on your beauty sleep!

Creed A fresh, clean aftershave scent! This one is based on Creed Aventus, and is a strong and long lasting scent. It’s what I imagine the Hemsworths smell like…

Little Black Dress – a beautiful perfumed scent, this melt is reminiscent of Chanel’s Mademoiselle perfume.

Fireside – this is a blend of spice, wood and musk with a hint of sweet frankincense – a soothing and relaxing scent.

Movie Night – every great movie night is all about the snacks! This sweet fragrance combines nutty praline and toffee popcorn for a fun and cosy blend!

American Breakfast – The scent of hot buttery pancakes drizzled with maple syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Amber Glow – A rich dark amber fragrance with vanilla, Tonka and hints of musk. These are enhanced by labdanum, frankincense, sandalwood and patchouli, warmed by exotic spices including nutmeg, cinnamon and cumin.

Stardust – A calming yet uplifting blend of  jasmine, lemon, amber and cedar make this the ultimate relaxing evening scent.

White Cocoa – A perfect winter evening scent. Reminiscent of a steaming mug of white cocoa, this scent has lashings of creamy vanilla notes which make it super relaxing and comforting.

Sweater Weather – Juniper, eucalyptus and sage combine to create an earthy yet clean and fresh which evokes feelings of a crisp winter’s morning. A refreshing yet cosy treat for the days when you don’t have to leave the house!

Bees Knees – A fresh honey scent with notes of bergamot, musk and orange.

Before the Storm – this is a very atmospheric blend of peppermint and freshly cut grass, combined to recreate the fresh feeling just before a storm hits. 

Rose Wonderland – A fresh and sweet scent bursting with snow kissed roses! Cosy and fresh, this scent will leave your home feeling like a winter wonderland.

Barber Shop – A clean and masculine blend of shaving foam and aftershave – the perfect ‘clean man’ smell!

Hay, Honey & Amber –This blend is homely, warm and earthy.  The smoky incense scent layered with the sweetness of honey make this a well rounded scent.

Dragons Blood – This fragrance has a spiced incense scent and is perfect for aiding relaxation.

Sandalwood and Musk – this blend of powdery musk and relaxing sandalwood is a clean yet earthy scent to aid relaxation and calm.

Patchouli & Clove – A blend of warm spiced cloves and heady, earthy patchouli.

Haunted House – A deep and mysterious blend, this haunting mix of soft florals with distressed leather, wild patchouli and dark woods is the perfect accompaniment to any spooky movie!

Myrrh & Tonka – An evening time treat!  The earthy yet slightly sweet scent of myrrh blends perfectly with the creamy musk aroma of tonka.

Molten Amber  – This one has a rich, warm and comforting blend of patchouli, vetiver and pine.  A hint of vanilla adds a cosy feel.

Nag Champa – The aroma of incense: patchouli, sandalwood, and dragon’s blood working together to create this wonderful blend.

Clean Sheets – if you like your laundry melt scents, this one’s for you! This one captures that feeling when you’ve just got into sheets that are fresh from the washing line!

Coconut Ice – A delicious creamy coconut scent blended with sugar for added sweetness!

Unicorn Dreams – a sweet and floral scent of violets blended with jasmine, ylang ylang and lily with just a hint of musk.

Pina Colada  – If you like Pina Colada… then you’ll love this mouthwatering tropical coconut and pineapple blend.  It’s fresh, fruity and fun!

Imperial Lather – The clean, fresh soap scent of a new bar of soap – the ultimate bathroom scent!

Dragon Fruit – a tropical and fresh fruity scent, this one is a must have for fans of fruity fragrances!
Wild Snapdragons  – a cheerful and breezy floral scent, this one makes the room feel clean and fresh.
Hotel of Dreams – based on theme parks in Orlando, this has a magical blend combining fruity cherry and strawberry with vanilla and sandalwood.
Goji Berry & Blood Orange – a zesty fruit fusion of these two uplifting scents! Such a clean and fresh fruity combination!
Rainy Days – this is an atmospheric blend of floral notes with musky undertones. Lily and rose petals blend with sandalwood to create the perfect rain water scent. Burn on a rainy day while reading a good book!

Strawberry and Lily – this fresh fruity and floral blend has a clean laundry scent to it, it’s so uplifting and reviving!

Purple Rain – A fresh tropical cocktail blend of grapefruit and cranberry juice with vodka and a slice of lime. 

Amalfi Coast – This beautiful fresh blend will refresh and revitalise you. A blend of lemon, freesia, lavender, amber and sandalwood. Like being in Italy without leaving the house!

Pink Sands – a fresh, citrus blend with sweet floral notes, this blend of grapefruit, coconut, jasmine with a hint vanilla will uplift and refresh you!

Cola Bottles – Just like the sweets, this one is sweet, sugary and fun!

Tea Party – a fun and sweet blend of tea leaves with raspberry jam and creamy vanilla – the perfect uplifting afternoon scent!

Mint Choc Chip – The classic combination of fresh mint with sweet chocolate – perfect for summer!

Twilight – a light and relaxing blend of ylang ylang, jasmine and tonka, this is based on the Lush fragrance of the same name.

Poolside Paradise  – Like sipping a refreshing cocktail by the pool!  This one has clean notes of orange, pineapple and cherry.  Cleansing and refreshing, like a day at the pool!

Lemon Cookie – our new obsession! Lemon, butter cream and vanilla blend perfectly for this wonderful bakery scent!

Fresh Mint and Rhubarb – a strong, uplifting and cleansing scent which will make your home feel so fresh!

Bright Side – This is a fresh and vibrant scent, opening with lemon, mandarin and tangerine. Light floral notes of jasmine and lily follow, and fresh basil, neroli and mint form the base.

Blue Lagoon – A citrus and musk blend of orange, lemon and bergamot with patchouli, lavender and pine.  A refreshing and relaxing scent.

Jungle Juice – They drink it in the Congo!  A tropical fruit blend of bananas, pineapple, guava and mango – this has a fresh and uplifting scent!

Sex Bomb – based on the Lush bath bomb of the same name, Sex Bomb is a relaxing blend of Jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage.

Tropical Island – like being on a tropical island in the middle of the ocean! The blend of bergamot, mandarin, lily, sandalwood and musk will sooth and refresh you.

New Car – this blend of ylang ylang, orris root, musk and leather has that clean and fresh new car smell!

Midsummer Night – the heady scent of a summers night. Drift off into a peaceful sleep with this soothing lavender, chamomile and woodland floral mix.

Wish You Were Here – a perfect blend for anyone missing out on summer holidays this year! This is a creamy coconut scent which is very similar to the smell of sun cream on a hot day! Feel tropical without leaving the house!

Calacas – Based on a Lush fragrance, this is a blend of lime, neroli and violet and is a refreshing treat!

Sugar Plum – a sweet, sugary and powerful dark plum fragrance.

Surprise Me – Add this option to your basket and we’ll choose a melt at random that we think you’ll love!  You can add a note to tell us if there are any you definitely don’t want, or give us a shortlist to choose from!


Do feel free to get in touch with any questions, we’re always happy to help!


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Amalfi Coast, Amber Glow, American Breakfast, Barber Shop, Beauty Sleep, Bee's Knees, Before the Storm, Blue Lagoon, Bright Side, Calacas, Clean Sheets, Coconut Ice, Cola Bottles, Creed, Dragon Fruit, Dragons Blood, Fireside, Fresh Mint & Rhubarb, Goji Berry & Blood Orange, Haunted House, Hay, Honey & Amber, Homme, Hotel of Dreams, Imperial Lather, Jungle Juice, Lemon Cookie, Little Black Dress, Mint Choc Chip, Molten Amber, Movie Night, Myrrh & Tonka, New Car, Patchouli & Clove, Pina Colada, Pink Sands, Poolside Paradise, Purple Rain, Rose Wonderland, Sandalwood & Musk, Stardust, Strawberry & Lily, Sugar Plum, Surprise me! (read description), Sweater Weather, Tea Party, Tropical Island, Twilight, Unicorn Dreams, Vanilla Bean, White Cocoa, Wild Snapdragons, Wish You Were Here

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  1. Sally Turner (verified owner)

    I’m officially addicted! I first got an imperfects box which let me sample lots of different fragrances and now have some firm favourites… and then get enticed by the new ones!!!

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